About Yaya's Kitchen

With over 10 years of experience in the whole foods industry, Yaya`s Kitchen and its associated brands  have strived to deliver the best quality and freshest healthy products to their customers.

It`s founders Diego Silva and Morgan Oghigian have worked tirelessly to bring their brands which include Eat Pita, Yaya’s kitchen and Le Sweet Bakery to people throughout the United States. They travel the world learning innovative techniques and discovering exotic ingredients to open the minds and taste buds of their customers.

Chef Silva and Morgan have travelled the world to source the best possible ingredients for our customers. We believe that a healthy diet can prevent many diseases and ailments. If people watch what they put into their bodies they will be able to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

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Our purpose, at Yaya's Kitchen, is to provide our customers with clean, tasty, traditional food developed at the highest standard of product integrity and affordable prices to our end consumer. We travel the world to source the best ingredients for our products.

We maintain the integrity of our products with an affordable price by sourcing the finest ingredients, using it in our kitchen production and finally distributing the products ourselves. By managing our products from start to finish, we can pass those savings to our customers.  

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